Update | More details to come

Dear SOAR Families,

We are incredibly excited to share that Denver Public Schools (DPS) has authorized, full in-person learning for the fall. This means that all students return, and attend school in-person every day of the week.

The DPS working group spent the last few weeks planning for next school year, working with teachers, leaders, families and health experts. This week, this working group received new guidance on reopening schools that emphasizes the critical whole-child support that schools provide to the community as well as emerging science-based data on the limited COVID transmission risks from students in the school setting.

Based on this new, updated guidance from health experts, DPS kicked-off planning for opening all schools for full, in-person instruction in August instead of a hybrid schedule that was initially proposed. This information was shared in a school leader meeting, late yesterday afternoon.

Also, a survey will be sent to families that will gather important data, such as:

Questions from families that will support planning and creating an FAQ
Information on families who will opt-out of in-person learning and stay online.
This means that July and early August will be spent developing plans and safety precautions with close adherence to the Metro Denver Health Partnership (Click here for the report).

Updates for our families will be sent by SOAR email and added to our website. In addition, we will simultaneously be creating a contingency plan for hybrid learning should health conditions shift.

We have a lot of work ahead of us and a lot of details to work out. We will continue to collaborate closely with DPS and in partnership with health officials.

Thank you for your support, flexibility and understanding as work to learn how best to serve our kids in this ever changing environment.