Save the Date! Monday, September 28th

On Monday, September 28th we will be preparing SOAR families for their return to in-person learning. Please see below.

If you elected to stay online through the rest of the semester, you do not have to attend distribution on Monday, September 28th. 


  • All SOAR students who are returning to in-person learning next month.


  • Pick-up car tags (Click here for a preview of our new dismissal process) specific instructions will be provided with the car tags.
  • Pick-up Instructions for Monitoring Student Health
  • Buy Uniforms
  • Drop-off Medications


  • Monday, September 28th from 1:30 PM to 6:30 PM


  • Curbside – no parking and getting out of cars. SOAR staff will support curbside delivery of materials to cars.