Board minutes

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Vigorous & Engaging Academic Instruction

Students engage in SOAR’s core academic classes – reading, writing, math, science and social studies –where we teach a healthy balance of content understandings (what is the work?) and process skills (how do I do the work?).  Each lesson starts with direct whole class teaching, and is followed by daily opportunities for assessment-driven, individualized teaching and learning experience.

Commitment to the Arts

All students participate in SOAR’s one of a kind, high-quality visual and performing arts enrichment program. Our extended day structure allows us to offer extended arts instruction, interspersed throughout the day, without sacrificing academic instructional time.

Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

SEL is a process through which children develop fundamental emotional and social skills that help them be content, competent people who can have positive experiences in a shared community. The SEL “process” can take many forms for students. At SOAR, SEL means: