September 21, 2018 @ 8:40 am – 3:40 pm

Our assessment days will be on September 14th and September 21st.

On these days only half of the students will come each day using the following last name schedule:

•September 14th: Students with a last name that begins with A-L
•September 21st: Students with a last name that begins with M-Z

Teachers will use these days to work with students individually and in small groups in order to gather academic data. Teachers will use this data in their planning and delivery of classroom instruction.

The schedule for the day will run similar to that of any other school day. It is important that you follow the last name schedule above so that the teacher is able to maximize the amount of time spent with each student.

Feel free to call the office (720) 287-5100, if you have any questions or need clarification.

Thank you.