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Please browse our faq section to find answers to questions you might have.  If your question is not listed in one of the categories below, please contact our school office at (720) 287-5100.

What are the SOAR after school programs?

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run is a program for 3rd-5th grade girls to help develop self-esteem and healthy habits. Girls will spent two days a week training for a 5K and learning useful skills to help them navigate social issues, relationships with peers, and developing confidence in their individuality. Girls on the run will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:15 PM.

Fall 2017 Season Dates

Tuesday, September 12th– Season Starts The Great Candy Run 5K – Sunday, November 12th Season ends the week of November 13th. Please register by completing a registration form and submitting it to the school office along with the registration fee ($40.00). If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Schindel at or by phone (720) 287-5100.

SOAR after school enrichment

The SOAR After School Enrichment Program is a fee-based program that invites students (and at times their families) to participate in enriching activities outside of the traditional school day. The courses begin right after the school’s regular dismissal time and last for 1 hour. Students in after-school enrichment have to be picked-up by 4:30 PM.


Springboard Education

Springboard’s before and after school program creates an option for working parents to ensure their children are in a safe environment before and after their school day. Activities are based on academic research regarding student learning – academic skills, social-emotional development, physical wellbeing and health choices.


What are your kindergarten program details?

SOAR only offers a full day kindergarten program.

SOAR follows the Denver Public Schools (DPS) tuition rate model which calculates payments based on household monthly gross income.

The yearly cost of your child’s program has been split into 9 equal payments. The first payment is due on September 5, 2017 and the last payment is due on May 5, 2018. SOAR accepts payment via cash, check, or money order. The payments are due by the 15th of every month.

If your account becomes seriously past due, your child may be withdrawn from his/her class. As an attempt to avoid a withdrawal the school will make three attempts to administer payment plans in effort to collect payment. Families that don’t pay anything up to the third round will be withdrawn.

When/if this occurs, a letter will be sent to your home address with a response deadline.

Online Payments

Does SOAR require a school uniform?

Students are required to wear a SOAR uniform top.

SOAR uniforms tops are available as t-shirts and Hoodies. Uniforms are purchased directly from the school office and are available in an assortment of colors. Purchases made in the office are to be made by cash or check. Tshirts are $10.00 (ea.) and hoodies are $20.00 (ea.)

Students arriving to school without a uniform will be sent to the office to call their parents to bring them a uniform shirt.

Students can wear jeans, sweatpants, or shorts (skirts are allowed if shorts or leggings are worn underneath). We highly encourage that all children wear sneakers, as they will be physically active throughout the day.

What type of food does SOAR offer?

Research has shown direct connections between nutrition and learning.

Because of this link, SOAR works to ensure that students eat healthy foods while at school. We serve Denver Public School’s regular lunch menu with a fresh fruit and vegetable salad bar daily. Students can bring unsweetened milk or soy milk, water or 100% fruit juice, no sugar added.

Students have snack daily. Snacks must be a whole fruit or whole vegetable. As part of our wellness plan, SOAR does not allow desserts (i.e., candy, cake, cookies, pudding or jell-o) for any occasion including school meals, snacks, celebrations or parties.

SOAR participates in the DPS free and reduced lunch (FRL) program. Additional information is available on the DPS website.

Lunch MenuFRL Information

Does school get cancelled due to weather?

Yes. SOAR follows Denver Public Schools (DPS) district decisions during bad weather.

In the event that Denver Public Schools (DPS) district makes a decision to cancel school due to bad weather, we will follow their decision and cancel school for SOAR as well. If school is cancelled, the assumption will be that we will not hold after school or evening activities unless otherwise communicated.

Detailed DPS winter weather and snow day information, including information on how families can find out if school is closed, can be found on the DPS website.

Weather Updates

Is there bus transportation available?

Yes. Bus transportation to and from SOAR is provided by the DPS Success Express shuttle system.

All Far Northeast families that live within one mile of a stop and any resident student can board the bus at any stop and ride it to their participating school.

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