This season of Volleyball was amazing for us as a team. A lot of our players had never played volleyball before as well as some had never been a part of a team. Our goal was to help the players evolve with their volleyball skills, as well as learn the game a little bit more in depth. When we started the season, a majority of our players were not familiar with the different terms or how to play volleyball. By the end of the season, all of the players were able to serve the ball over the net, passing the ball as well as they learned how important is was to communicate with one another when they were in a game. The games were always fun, interactive and the team showed a lot of comradery. One of the best things that we saw were the student’s using the daily habits that we practice at school and using them during the games. We are beyond proud of the team and all that they accomplished throughout the season. We cannot wait until next year!