We need your help as we continue to refine arrival and dismissal procedures so that all students on campus are safe. Please review the information below and let us know if you have additional input that we should consider, send it to SOAR Director of Operations at ssisneros@soardenver.org.

  • The striped areas in front of the school buildings are for loading and unloading only. Drivers must remain in the vehicle at all times.
  • During arrival, please drop students off in the loading and unloading zone in front of SOAR. We have staff in orange traffic vests assisting with getting students out of vehicles safely. Stopping or parking in front of STRIVE creates a longer wait due to the single lane of traffic getting interrupted.
  • For safety reasons, please have students exit the vehicle on the side closest to the school buildings.
  • Parents, you may not be aware that talking on a cell phone while driving through a school zone, which includes the parking lots, is prohibited by law. Signs will soon be posted regarding this law.
  • Please slow down, drive safely and be courteous.

What we have learned this year, is that it takes our whole community to operate with courtesy, patience, and kindness to ensure the safety of all of our children. Students are always watching and listening to the adults in our community. Let’s make sure we’re all modeling our best! Our kids deserve it.