Great opportunity for a great year!

We’re digging into some great planning to make sure that the launch of our school year is successful and representative of how excited we are to welcome our kids back into the school building!

Please read through the details below and call the school office if you have questions, (720) 287-5100. Our office staff is back in the office and checking the school voicemail daily.  Voicemails are returned within 24-hours. No in-person contact is permitted at this time.

We will continue to review COVID rates with our health partners and diligently plan accordingly, adjusting wherever needed.

The week of Aug. 10 SOAR staff will distribute Chromebooks to new students and students who turned theirs in at the end of last school year. We will also sell uniforms outside of the school building, farmer’s market style! For all SOAR students, school supply bags will be available for pick-up. Parents will not have to buy school supplies this year! We are purchasing supplies that will be carefully bagged for individual student use. These school supply bags are free! Lastly, we hope to provide each parent with an update as to who their child’s teacher is! There is something for everyone! This is a big week; so, please watch for the schedule of activities as well as instructions for a safe, social distanced experience. 

Before Aug. 14, parents opting into online learning for the first semester will be required to complete an Online Learning Program Registration Form. This is an option for parents who prefer online learning as opposed to in-person learning. This form will be sent out this week. There are critical requirements for this option. Please watch for the registration form for more details on this option. 

The week of Aug. 17 will be an opportunity for SOAR teachers to connect with their students, share learning expectations, as well as discuss any additional instructions for remote learning. It will also allow us to ensure that all students have access to SOAR technology and internet in their homes. 

The week of Aug. 24 will be the first day of remote learning. Remote learning will include active attendance monitoring and live instruction. 

Sept. 8 in-person learning starts at SOAR! Very detailed safety protocols will be shared with families that describe how students will enter the building, what the classroom environment will look like and how we will safely dismiss students – avoiding large groups of students in any area. We will also share sanitizing practices and our student health monitoring process.