We are excited to share that SOAR will be joining the social media world of communication!

We have long put off joining social media networks but now, more than ever, we recognize the need to connect virtually and increase our broadband of communication efforts to better support our families while we are away from the school building.

Because we’re an elementary school with young children, we have to be mindful about our digital content to ensure that Internet stewardship and safety are in place.

As such, our social media launch will encompass the following:

Our Goal

Our goal is to share information, update the community with school and district information, provide community resources, and showcase the achievements of SOAR students, teachers, and other community members.

Our Community Rules

  • We encourage you to ask questions and seek help. Public posts are not the way to do that. Message the social media page administrator, or call the school office (720) 287-5100. Voicemails are actively monitored and return calls are made within 24-hours (aside from school breaks).
  • When posting, please use appropriate language. Children can see our page.
  • If you choose, you can post photos of your children. Do not post photos of other children. If you have any questions about posting a particular photo, please check with the social media page administrator.
  • Do not post about concerns, problems, or conflicts with individual teachers, administrators, students, or parents. We will immediately delete these posts.
  • Do not post any inflammatory statements that make allegations against individuals or organizations. We will immediately delete these posts too.
  • Keep in mind what you post is public information.